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Student Clubs

management activities for PGDM students

Club Activities

Learning in a formal environment sometimes poses certain constraints. Clubs offer forums where students are encouraged to learn in an informal ambience, through fun and frolic. These club sessions are designed to bring out the innate business-related skills of the students. Club activities include participating in Business Clubs, Finance Club, HR Club, Marketing Club, and Entrepreneur Club.

finance activities for PGDM students

Business Clubs

Business Clubs are formed on the basis of specializations. A senior faculty member of the specialization concerned will be the advisory member of the Club. The organizing committee of each Club will formally prepare the agenda for every club activity under the guidance of the advisor. They would bring in a variety of new games, role-plays, presentations, and poster preparations in order to inculcate informal learning.

marketing club activities

Bulls and Bears (Finance Club)

This forum will bring in current events relating to finance for discussion. All finance students will become members of the Finance Club. Students will play stock market games and discuss/present finance related issues in the Club.

finance activities for students

Hire and Fire (HR Club)

The HR Club is instituted for students to bring out HR related issues for discussions, especially current trends in HR. Finance students will benefit from this Club and they will become members of the HR Club.

finance activities

THE 4 Ps (Marketing Club)

This club is for marketing students. Students are expected to bring in current market scenarios to the discussions. They will assume/identify new markets and new products and plan the marketing mix and promotional mix for an imaginary product. This will bring in enormous learning through informal marketing activities.



Students who are interested to become entrepreneurs in the near future or in the long run are identified and trained in entrepreneurship. It is observed that most students doing their management programme invariably dream to be on their own one day, more so in the case of students coming from business families.


Pharma Club

Students of Pharma will participate in the pharma club and bring out new trends and recent developments in pharma markets and new drug developments.


Health is Wealth

Students of health care management specialization will expose the students to new developments in HCM