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Welcome to SSB- the Corporate B-school

Management education, like any professional education must be pragmatic, relevant, and application oriented. Hence at Synergy, our pedagogy is a blend of theory and practice, experiential learning combined with conceptual understanding. The students in addition to regular lectures are also exposed to rigorous Real time projects, extensive discussion of corporate cases and business simulations. The teaching learning pedagogy uses varieties of tools using technology interface. Some of the Pedagogical tools used are:

  1. Case Discussion
  2. Live short term Projects
  3. Functional Clubs
  4. Book Review and A
  5. Web Exercises
  6. Corporate Guest Lecture
  7. Industry Visit
  8. Management Games

The innovate pedagogy of SSB presents students with opportunities to think, critique, question existing paradigms in order to help students develop comprehensive personality .

The students will enjoy being part of a diverse community. The predominantly case method of teaching provides them with the opportunity to prepare themselves for the rapid rate of change in today's business world. Key learning happens from interaction with qualified, experienced instructors besides frequent visitors from reputed universities and business organizations around the world.

The programme offers exciting and challenging learning experiences and opportunities for personal development through a host of curricular, co curricular and extra curricular activities

1. Develop thinking skills and an Under enquiring mind.

2. Analyse problems and evaluate solutions; use judgment and make decisions; engage in reflective and creative thinking.

1.be capable of recognising when information is needed and

2. have the capacity to locate, evaluate and use this information effectively through judicious use of analytical and search skills; business models and frameworks; data analysis and information technologies

Use contemporary communication technologies effectively to make effective oral and written communication, including the ability to make professional presentations; strengthen interpersonal communication skills, including the ability to work in teams;

1. possess an understanding of values and attitudes and acquire the capacity to identify and deal with ethical issues.

2.will be able to exercise leadership in local, national, global and professional communities and to adapt to uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.